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Dowlish Wake Launch Field

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Hello. My name is Jamie B and for a few years we have been making and experimenting with water rockets. We have gone from the basics to a moderate level of skill compared to others we have seen. We have always and always will use a Gardena release mechanism, mainly because it is a secure way of launching the rocket and we have always used it and it has worked well for use compared to others. But before I say anything we used this website for most of our ideas: Air Command Water Rockets. A group in Australia who have built it all in terms of water rocketry! Everything from boosters and stagers to hattricks! Here is the link:



This website is split into the pages above:

- Early Development and Midway Stage of Development are just showing how we as a group have evolved to our present stage in this fun and endless hobby. 

- The Present and the Future page is most worth a visit as it shows the main components of our Water Rockets and many of these are advanced water rocketry skills.

- The Flight Computer pages explain how the electronics of the rockets work. These are pretty important for recovering the rockets and hence have their own section of the website!

- The Rocket Gallery shows all the rockets of JSB Rocketry along with the facts and pictures.

- The Recent News and Updates page shows our progress with Water Rocketry since December 2013. This page is updated monthly showing our progress (unless In have exams or we go on holiday- in which case the update may be late).

I hope you find the site useful for yourself, and please note that if you would like any advise or personalised tutorials, or just want to comment then please, feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

Thank you for visiting!

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