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Era Overview

This Era of our Water Rocketry started when My Dad and my Grandpa got an old washing up liquid bottle and put a pin in the bottom and pressurised it with water at a barbecue. It was a fun and it was to replicate the small project my Dad and his friend did at university- the physics acting on a washing up liquid Rocket! 

Because we all found it a good bit of fun. We got our first Rocket launcher and Rockets, obviously! I got it as a birthday present from Maplins (see picture below). It was a great bit of fun and unfortunately the rockets kind of went up so quickly you couldn't see then and then they would spiral down mindlessly. It was non professional at that time. The launcher was a standard Gardena and used a nozzle that screwed on. I noticed that it fitted on a lemonade bottle.

That started the Era of single bottle rockets using a lemonade bottle and the age of looks rather than performance. 

We started disassembling one of our largest rocket so far- the Saturn V. This was a hard decision but not I look back on it it was a good one. This Era was mainly about the starting of the parachute release system. There were many attempts and all failed except one which we still use today off the Aircommandrockets website.

We just started working on a water rocket with a Parachute Release system. It required a electronic circuit with a radio control servo. The release mechanism is not our design and I take no credit for it. We followed a tutorial of the Air Command Water Rockets website which is highly worth a visit as they have done many valuable experiences and tutorials that we have incorporated into much of our rockets.

That takes us up to the present, where we are at the pinnacle of Advanced Water Rocket Development (or at least here in Ilminster!). We are presently starting techniques such as bottle reinforcement and Flight Computers where we hope to explore further in this great underlooked hobby!

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